Features 360 360 Light  Regular Contour Mom, Boyfriend  Traditional
Super stretchy x x x x x
Stretchy x
4-way stretch  x x
2-way stretch  x x x x
Freedom to move x x x
Thick x
Medium-thick  x x x
Thin & light x x
Classic denim feel x x
Retains shape  x x x x
Compliments body x x
«Shaping» effect x x
Cotton (%) 80,2 58 86,5 65,5 98 75
Polyester (%) 12,5 29 9 31 - 22
Elastan (%) 7,5 13 4,5 3,5 2 3


The comparison sheet was made by Tytti Tuomi from Finland who suggested this overview to better explain the differences between our collections. Thank you Tytti! If you also have a suggestion for how we can improve please email us at and we might use your suggestion!